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Branch Manager (Producing)

Individual will manage the branch operations, overseeing loan pipelines, coordinating work flow and communicating new policies and procedures to staff members. Mortgage branch managers are also responsible for training staff.  The Branch Sales Manager directs and manages the sales activities of the branch, ensuring that efficient customer service is provided and quality loans are generated.  A Branch Sales Manager with Affiliated Financial Group receives a base salary, commission on their own production, and a monthly volume override on the production of direct reports.  This person is responsible for recruiting, managing, coaching, and motivating a staff of outside loan officers to meet sales production goals, to assure compliance with AFG standards, regulations, and policies and typically manages 5 to 12+ sales direct reports.  This position requires strong sales and marketing skills, excellent communication skills and detailed follow-through and will be responsible for managing NOI, total revenue and promotional expenses.

Tasks and Duties

The main duties of a mortgage branch manager include managing daily operations of the company, ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed, training, coaching and supervising staff members.  Responsible for directing and managing the sales activities of the retail branch to manage customer service, loan generation and profitability.  Typically manages 5-12 sales direct reports.  May also personally produce.

Qualifications and Training

Bachelor Degree or at least 5 years experience in mortgage banking required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Mortgage branch managers should be excellent with computers, possess great communication skills, have great problem solving and decision making skills and have the ability to multitask.

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